hi, my name is naomi. i like to paint with words. some people call me a literary ninja; others refer to me as a storytelling charlatan. i craft narratives for lovers of wordplay and sarcasm.

here are a few samples of my work. stay tuned for more.

why do i do it?

why do i write? why do i gravitate to the quirky and slightly bizarre? i think it stems from my upringing in the swamps of northern Florida. a place i like to call "the redneck riviera."

as a young child, i used to explore the countryside—collecting wayward sticks, prehistoric-sized bugs, and slippery toads. throughout my many treks, i created an imaginary world in my mind. this world was ruled by the many frogs and bugs, and humans were allowed to live in it as miniscule pets. i think this childhood fantasy led to a lot of evolutionary tales later in life.

allow me to be your toad.

holla at me now.

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